Summer Fun

Planning your next adventure in Jamaica?

Come stay with us at Blue Harbour and make your holiday whatever you want it to be.  

Festivals, parties, music tours, activities, excursions.

Music events like Reggae Sumfest and Dream Weekend.

There is always something happening in Jamaica.

Or you can just sit back and let Doctor Jamaica offer you the best Blue Harbour prescription; find a cozy corner, do nothing, get up enjoy coffee at sunrise wander the grounds snorkel in the sea or laze by the pool with a cold Red Stripe 



Things have changed….


Post pandemic come back to the vibes that make Jamaica.

Celebrate the history of Noel Coward and Bob Marley.

Just like Bob said ” If you know your history, then you would know where you coming from, then you wouldn’t have to ask me, who the heck do I think I am”.

The Importance of Happiness: Noël Coward and the Actors’ Orphanage

The Importance of Happiness: Noël Coward and the Actors’ Orphanage by Elliot James is available now. The book is the unknown story of how Coward and his committee of famous actors transformed the austere Actors’ Orphanage (for the children of struggling or absent actor parents) into a place of love and laughter. They survive World War II, financial struggle, problem children and monstrous staff, until Noël can finally retire and hand over the reins to his young protégé, Richard Attenborough. This is a timeless story of altruism, family, love and home.

Elliot James worked on various drafts of the book while staying at Blue Harbour, which features throughout the book. “Blue Harbour was such an inspiring place to be… and I can understand why it was Coward’s most favourite get-away. It’s where he could think and recharge before throwing himself back into the throes of his life”

You can buy the book here: